Disbursements is basically a fancy word for expenses.  In other words, these are tasks, items, or additional services that our law firm handles on your behalf and are required in order for your matter to be completed and properly closed.

The following list is an example of disbursements which may or may not be applicable, based on services required.  Not all costs are subject to HST.

possible disbursements Associated with Real estate transactions

Photocopies, Couriers, Software, & Faxes
Examining Counsel Fees (often associated with reviewing title insurance)
Title Insurance
Abstracts, Searches, & Executions
Government Registration Fees
Government Land Transfer Taxes (LTT and MLTT)

Possible Disbursements associated with corporate work

Additional Law Clerk Service (specialized as needed)
Creation and/or update of Minute Book
NUANS Name Search, Filing, and Transaction Fee
Government Filing Fee

Possible disbursements associated with Creation of Wills & Powers of attorney

Software Transaction Fee
Storage of Original Document(s)

Possible disbursements associated with Intellectual Property Matters

Government Filing & Maintenance Fees
Foreign Associate Fees

It is important to note, that other disbursements may be necessary, depending on specific file requirements.