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J. Ryan J. Carson,
Lawyer & Founder

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Spencer M. Cuddy,

Ryan provides our clients professional advice and counsel in an easy to understand format ensuring the process of home buying is a comfortable, stress-free experience. His availability and communication makes referring him an easy one for all our needs!
— James Loewen, Mortgage Broker
Ryan handled my legal affairs when I purchased my home in 2010. Ryan was very informative and was easy to get in contact with. Ryan helped the purchase go smoothly and I was very satisfied with the level of customer service Ryan provided. I would hire Ryan’s service again.
— Tom (previous client)
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James W. Carson, Lawyer & Carson IP Division Leader

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Erika A. Warren,


Christopher C. Breen,
Counsel (Retired)

We bought our first house 14 years ago with the help of Breen Law, now sold and bought another one recently with no problems whatsoever. Ryan and entire staff kept ahead of all dates and kept us informed on the next step well before the deadlines, everything was like clockwork! Thanks!!
— Mark Z. (previous client)