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Carson IP is the IP Practice Group of Carson Law Office Professional Corporation.  We are located in Burlington, Ontario just to the west of Toronto, Ontario and service clients across the Province and around the world.  We work with our clients to determine a clear path to protecting their ideas and designs, while establishing and implementing an overall global intellectual property strategy.  In addition to preparing and filing patent, trademark, design and copyright applications in Canada and internationally, members of our team have provided guidance in the negotiation of commercial transactions, including acquisitions and sales of businesses with IP assets and licensing and distribution agreements.

Carson IP offers global resources and experience to businesses of all shapes and sizes, from sole proprietorships to multi-national corporations.  No matter how big or small your operation, we are here to look after your best interests, protect your ideas and help navigate the road ahead.  As far as litigation matters are concerned, we work with external counsel who focus solely on IP litigation in both Federal and Ontario Courts.  This ensures that our clients’ cases are advocated with passion and conviction in order to achieve a desirable outcome.

Our goal is to always meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We like to get to know them, their business, their short and long-term goals, their areas of struggle, and areas of growth. This way we can better analyze our capabilities to provide the proper service and legal advice to assist them.

We are an imaginative and growing firm with a blend of experience and youth.

At Carson IP, your future is our focus.

Our Team


James W. Carson


Office Phone:
(905) 336-8940 x 1006
Cell Phone:
(416) 529-6129

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J. Ryan J. Carson


Office Phone:
(905) 336-8940 x 1001
Cell Phone:
(289) 208-3865

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Erika A. Warren


Office Phone:
(905) 336-8940 x 1005

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Lisa Skipton


Office Phone:
(905) 336-8940 x 1010


Spencer M. Cuddy


Office Phone:
(905) 336-8940 x 1002

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Our Intellectual Property Services


Preparing and filing a trademark application from information supplied

Filing certified copy of a foreign application or registration

Reporting Notice of Approval for advertisement

Reporting Notice of Allowance

Preparing and filing a declaration of use

Paying registration fee after allowance and forwarding certificate of registration

Filing an assignment or other title document

Renewing a trade-mark registration and forwarding certificate of registration

Preparing and filing an application to amend a registration to extend the statement of wares or services

Preparing and filing a request to have a registered trade-mark expunged


Preparing and filing a copyright application

Industrial Designs

Preparing and filing an application based on information received (excluding preparation of formal drawings)

Receiving and reviewing Certificate of Registration

Reporting to you with due date for payment of maintenance fee and marking requirements

Docketing reminder to you to pay maintenance fee

Payment of maintenance fee to maintain registration after 5 years


Preliminary patent-ability search

Filing original or divisional patent application or filing a request to enter the National Phase in Canada (when all papers received for filing)

Filing an assignment or title document in the Patent Office

Requesting Examination

Receiving and reviewing Notice of Allowance and reporting to you

Paying final fee and receiving and forwarding to you Letters Patent

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