Trademark Opposition No Walk in Jurassic Park

Trademark Opposition No Walk in Jurassic Park

In Canada, the Toronto Raptors’ successful drive for their first NBA Championship is all anyone can talk about. But behind the euphoria of the Championship lurks a dark cloud. Monster Energy has commenced a proceeding, known as a Trademark Opposition, to prevent the most recent versions of the Toronto Raptors’ logos from being registered as trademarks.

Canada's Adherence to the Madrid Protocol - What Does This Mean?

After over five years of preparation, Canada deposited an instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol with WIPO on March 17, 2019.

Effective June 17, 2019 Canada will finally become a member of the Madrid System. What does this mean for Canadians and Foreign trademark holders looking to register in Canada?

Amendments to Canada's Trademarks Act are coming - Are you ready?

Effective June 17, 2019, Canada’s Trademarks Act (“Act”) will see some noticeable changes, and these amendments will significantly alter the landscape in Canada regarding filing applications, registrations, and renewals. Owners of Canadian Trademark Registrations, applicants in pending applications, and potential new applicants should carefully assess and review their options going forward.