12 Days of Giving - Day 3

On the third day of giving, my law firm gave to me;

Support for Sick Kids.

On our third day of giving, we are pleased to be donating to to the SickKids foundation in support of the hospital for sick children.

While SickKids is leading the fight to save lives and provide world-class care, sometimes one’s best efforts are limited by the tools at their disposal. The building that the hospital occupies is 70 years old and in need of some serious upgrades, just to bring certain areas up to code. Erika Warren, our law student who has recently passed her licensing exam (more on that later), has made SickKids her choice for our giving initiative, and we couldn’t agree with her more. There have been other staff members who’s kids have had to take advantage of the great work the hospital is doing, so this selection hits close to home.