12 Days of Giving - Day 2

On the second day of giving, my law firm gave to me,
Hope for the horses.

For our second day of giving, we are happy to be supporting the whispering hearts horse rescue, located in Hagersville, Ontario.

During the Christmas season, it is not uncommon to hear the phrase “peace on earth and good-will towards men (and women)”. But at this special time of year we cannot forget about being compassionate to all living creatures. Thus, Denise Crockford has chosen this particular cause to be one that she feels strongly about.

Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue

Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue

Officially opened in December of 2007, the Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue is owned and operated by Brenda Thompson and her husband Dave. Brenda has spent the majority of her adult life working to ensure the humane treatment of animals, having held numerous positions (mostly volunteer) in Haldimand County associated with the Humane Society, animal control, cruelty services, and even becoming an official agent through the OSPCA to be able to conduct animal cruelty investigations. Brenda’s love for horses and passion for wanting to help them culminated in her taking on 2 to 4 rescues per year, which then became an average of 4 to 6, all prior to the opening of WHHR operations. WHHR was born of the realization that the mistreatment of horses is not a mainstream issue, given the fact that they are not as domesticated as cats and dogs. Thus, Brenda took it upon herself to become an advocate, an educator, and set out to provide a missing service to the public.

Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue is now one of (if not the) premier horse rescue centres in Ontario. In 2014 it was registered federally as a non-profit organization and has now been granted charitable status. It relies heavily on the hearts and hardwork of dedicated volunteers to help it achieve its objectives of rescue, rehabilitation, and hopefully eventual adoption of these beautiful animals.

We thank Denise, one of our law clerks, for suggesting this charity. Anyone who knows Denise understands that her heart is as big as… well… a horse! She loves everything country and has been spending her weekends visiting WHHR. In her own words, "The eyes on those innocent beauties are very telling about how thankful they are to be in a safe place". Thank-you Denise.

For more information, or to make a donation, please see below.