Your Future Is Our Focus

Whether it is the growth of your business, the purchase of your dream home, the protection of your ideas, or the execution of your wishes once you're gone, everything we do is designed to help you plan for the future. We understand the importance of recognizing your legal responsibilities and determining areas of concern so they are addressed before mistakes are made.

To us, prevention is less expensive, but significantly more valuable, than recovering from a trial-and-error approach.
Our expertise equals your security.

We will provide you, your business, and your family with knowledge and advice in the following areas.


Residential Real Estate

  • Purchases
  • sales
  • refinances
  • private lending
  • rent to own agreements
  • leases
  • etc.

Commercial Real Estate & Corporate Services

  • Purchase and sale of business
  • investor structures
  • shareholder, partnership, tax roll over, security, and loan agreements
  • business name registrations
  • etc.

Wills, Powers of Attorney, & Estate Administration

  • Wills
  • powers of attorney
  • probate filing
  • professional trustee/executor services
  • legal estate administration services

Intellectual Property

  • Trademark preparation and filing
  • patent preparation and filing
  • copyright preparation and filing

Legal Fees

Unlike most law firms who's legal fees are structured based on the length of time it takes them to complete a file or transaction (billable hours), Carson Law chooses to offer it's services for a flat rate.

The following fees are basic estimates that can fluctuate based on specific legal advice and services required.

Real Estate Transactions

Purchase = $899 + HST & disbursements

Sale = $699 + HST & disbursements

Simple Refinance = $599 + HST & disbursements

Wills & Powers of Attorney

Single = $300 + HST & disbursements

Couple = $400 + HST & disbursements

For all other legal matters, please contact our office for details

Examples of Disbursements

The following disbursements may or may not be applicable, based on services required.
Not all costs are subject to HST.

Photocopies, Couriers, Software, & Faxes = $40 to $200 + HST
Examining Counsel Fees = $100 to $200 + HST
Conveyancing = $100 to $400 + HST
Title Insurance = $70 to $2,000
Abstracts, Searches, & Executions = $40 to $200
Government Registration Fees = $75 and up
Government Land Transfer Taxes = 1.5% to 2% of purchase price

Other disbursements may be necessary depending on specific file requirements.